About Me

My holistic journey began at the age of 19 and in 1995 I made a full time commitment and joined an intentional community.

I lived, worked and studied the healing arts and various forms of spiritual practice before training in Zen Shiatsu (MRSS), Reflexology, various forms of Massage and becoming self employed full time in 2000.

Whilst living in the microcosmic cauldron of transformation, I realised that that “down and in” through enquiry, the body and senses was my path.

I bring eclectic studies into my practice, which include: the modalities I have professionally trained in as well as Tantra, Taoist arts, Dreamwork, Qi Gong.

I am currently training in feeling based Yoga since completing a foundational course in feeling based yoga, with Yoga Health Mandala in India 2015.

Although I have studied with many teachers, my main passion is to serve as a catalyst for transformation and embodiment, what is known in the Celtic tradition as Anam Cara (soul friend).


I am also a poet, writer and lover of all that is soulful and wild.

My inspirations include:

Poets: Mary Oliver, Rilke, David Whyte, Sandra Sabatini, Hafiz, Rumi, May Sarton, John O’Donoghue, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Tom Hirons and many more.

“Poetry is language against which we have no defences’. David Whyte

Spiritual teachers/ influences : Everyone I meet and work with and most of all my partner. I am also interested in the work of Charles Eisenstein, Zack Bush, Marion Woodman, Michaela Boehm, Gabor Maté, Robert Augustus Masters and many others in the realm of Embodied Transformation.