I used to say that the Yoniverse,
was in the middle of her greatest ever striptease,
and that I have a front row seat.

But I was wrong.

Actually its a Burlesque show.
And its not a seat,
its the eye of a hurricane.
And to the tune of ‘Black Betty’
She is peeling off garments,
So quickly now
I am mesmerised.

Her veils fall over my eyes,
at first blinding,
then clearing my vision.
Throwing swords,
Which never fail to hit target.

Although they are not swords,
but boomerangs.

She will never reveal everything..

And right now,
I am so gripped,
by what her next move might be
that I cannot breathe.

Only gasp at the perplexing perfection of her.

Surrender completely,
And laugh and cry at the same time.

by Aisha Wolfe