Embodiment Sessions

I offer a holistic process which can be used for healing, growth or spiritual emergence. I call this process “Transformational Bodywork” and my own role is that of midwife to the natural cycles of life, death and rebirth.

This is not a quick fix, but a bridge of support for deep metamorphosis to ground and extend outwards into your life. Enabling crisis to be accepted as the gateway and opportunity for transformation.

You can receive regular weekly sessions for some weeks or months then at appropriate intervals depending on the situation or continue to include this form of embodied spiritual nourishment as a regular part of your life.

A session lasts 90 mins – 2 hours and includes bodywork (Shiatsu, Massage, Reflexology, Yoga, Meditation) practice techniques, feeling based explorations and dialogue.

It is a space to tune into the language of the bodymind and listen to its message while releasing repressed or distorted energy, emotions, memory or trauma held as tension and armouring. I offer an opportunity to deepen into whatever symptom or need is calling your attention and journey beyond it to the source/cause for empowerment.

As a holistic process, these blocks can appear at any level of being, but the symptom is never the cause and so the process of healing is gradual and integrated.

The journey is personally tailored to your requirements and sessions are priced accordingly by means, frequency and duration.

FROM DECEMBER 2016 INTRODUCING 90 MINUTES HOT STONE MASSAGE (including White Jade which promotes grounding, calm and stability. White Jade was known traditionally the gemstone of Royalty in the east.

A winter warmer treat, bringing deep relaxation and release to the spine and kidneys.


Bodywork Modalities

Shiatsu is an innovative form of bodywork and massage that originated in Japan and is continually evolving to encompass oriental and western models of health. Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ – although the practitioner will use hands, knees, elbows and feet to stimulate the flow of the ‘Ki’ life force in the bodies meridian system. People often describe Shiatsu as a cross between the effects of acupuncture (but without the pain!) and the wellbeing experienced after a yoga class or a massage. In the ancient system of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Shiatsu is the earth aspect, using touch to assist the bodymind in finding balance.

In Shiatsu and energy medicine the body is an expression of energy. During a Shiatsu session it is possible to experience this reality, to get out of the head and discover the heart and the hara as the home for which we search. Shiatsu pays particular attention to tonifying the hara (abdomen area) which is the centre of gravity in the body. The hara is the instinct mind and the roots to the earth, the part of us which knows how to stay healthy.

When we are ‘in hara’ we feel centred, grounded despite the chaos and changing nature of life, there is a trust which enables a letting go, a deep relaxation. When we are not ‘in hara’ we feel stressed, anxious, depressed, ungrounded and like we are missing something, eternally hungry for something outside of ourselves. Modern life and the ever increasing pressure, pace and denial of desires and impulses highly distorts the ability to live from our authentic centre.

Reflexology is a holistic treatment which stimulates pressure points on the feet to promote holistic healing. It is useful for detoxifying, relaxation, grounding and is a powerful form of meditation where it is possible to deepen into the Self and connection to the inner world.

Shiatsu is an effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions. I believe that many symptoms which manifest physically have their roots in other levels and require a holistic approach. Some conditions I have experienced good responses with include:

Physical: Muscular tension and joint pain, stiffness, headaches, back pain and sciatica, Digestive complaints including IBS, chronic fatigue, asthma.

Psychological: Stress, anxiety, depression, feeling of being stuck, lack of direction, recovery from abuse, shock and insomnia.

Spiritual: The underworld journey and spiritual emergence. It is also supportive during life transitions such as menopause, puberty, pregnancy and coping with bereavement.