Our true friends,
Who want us to be all that we can be.
Will never rescue us from aloneness.

Sometimes, the only place intimacy can be found,
is in the arms of the darkness of our solitude.

In this place, the soul deepens.
In this place we can become still enough
to witness the hidden pearl
as it forms.

Making love with the darkness
takes a certain kind of courage.
You will meet some shadows
And they may seem real and threatening.
But they are teachers, one and all.

In the darkness,
you will come to know your own light,
So you need not fear it anymore.
The light of others is always changeable,
and prone to flickering.

When you welcome home your emptiness.
It is a mansion to the infinite
which the banks will not foreclose.

So take a deep breath,
Look all around you at the fading colours
And simply drop in.

You can quote me on this,
“There is a pearl diver out there somewhere.
Just waiting for you to be ready.’

Aisha Wolfe