The foundations of Shiatsu practice lies within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The 5 Elements describe a pattern underlying the movements of the universe which can be seen in a multitude of phenomena. They embody the energetic stages of yin (feminine, receptive, matter, dark) and yang (masculine, active, creative, light). This cycle offers a map which can be witnessed externally in the seasons of nature and within the body-mind systems, organs and psychological processes.

As we journey through the year in in an embodied way, we discover that nature is a profound teacher of how to live in balance and respect each phase of the growth cycle. For example, in the dark and dormant freeze of winter when the life force goes beneath the surface towards the roots, there is a call for introspection, silence, deepening our relationship to spirit (the inner light). In winter, with the attention focused inside, we can see the blueprint of our souls journey and be prepared to plant the seeds for the new growth which will come in the spring.