“My journey with Aisha is amazing, life changing, transforming and has released me from crippling anxiety which was suffocating me and affecting all aspects of my life. I had tried medication and counselling and nothing helped. Aisha came highly recommended to me and I now share that recommendation with you. Through my sessions with Aisha I have been transformed into a woman who is calmer, happier, grounded and able to enjoy life again. My friends and family all comment on the change in me! I have been able to stop taking the anti depressants I was prescribed to “help” and am now able to wean down the beta blocker. Aisha has helped me to become who I really am and freed me from a condition that was stifling me and my true potential. She has succeeded where all else failed!!!” A.M female aged 51 April 2016

“I’d say you are at genius level with what you do.. Its priceless. But good luck describing it.” JK male aged 55

“Aisha is a spiritual midwife. She is in each moment, with you, but does not force the birth/journey. Her belief and trust in each phase of the journey is what holds the space and the body in such a way that you feel safe to explore new ways of being and be able to emerge” CV female aged 52

“I am grateful to have met Aisha. I first went to see her with my worries about recurring cancer. She greeted me with a caring heart and wise words. Since then she has continued to support me. Her shiatsu and reflexology sessions are wonderful, carried out in a warm and soothing setting and often accompanied with the perfect words or poetry. She is so full of wisdom and understanding, non-judgemental, anything can be said to her and through it all, Aisha enables you to see that the answers you need are within your own inner being. She is giving me confidence to trust myself and have faith in the universe, calming my fears and helping me face whatever is ahead. The healing she gives is far more than these words describe and I thank her for it.” AP female aged 50

“My work with Aisha began at the point where I had had more than 20 years of talking therapy to help me to move beyond early sexual abuse, but I knew I needed something more. Since then, I have been on a journey of discovery, recovery and exploration: discovery of who I am; recovery of my connection with my body; and exploration of the deep connection between all the parts of myself and the cosmos. With Aisha’s help, I am gradually releasing the layers of ‘memory’ of abuse held for so long in my cells. As this memory leaves, my capacities of soul and heart grow and deepen and my real path in life is emerging. Aisha’s skill, gentle, soul-full presence and wisdom have held the space safely and helped me to move into transformation. She is a healer and true anam cara. CC female aged 57.

“I arrived at Aisha”s grief stricken and completely worn out, physically and emotionally. That first session was immediately restorative and since then I have experienced amazing healing, emotional release, self awareness and energising with each session” LM female aged 52

‘Since I first came to Aisha, 7 years ago, I have learned what the word Holistic truly means.” JR female aged 52

“I simply could not have made the huge changes of the past couple of years without the support of these sessions. Even I who never fail to explain away everything, am at a loss for words.. Gratitude, joy, comfort, safety, challenging growth. This has profoundly changed my life, or rather now I can profoundly live my life.” SG female aged 29

“The session with Aisha I found uplifting and truly spiritual. Although this was the first time we had met I felt immediately comfortable within the new surroundings and after I had left, continued the day with an enormous sense of self-being”. JB male aged 35

“For the past twenty years I have been medically diagnosed with chronic heart, kidney, and spinal degenerative disease. This has resulted in surgery, including a triple heart by-pass, and implantation of a cardioverter defibrillator following a debilitating stroke. Since I began regular therapeutic reflexology and shiatsu sessions with Aisha, my medical, physical,and psychological health has improved dramatically, and I now enjoy a new life, freed and energised by Aisha’s wise counsel and healing touch.” MR male aged 74

I started going to see Aisha a couple of years ago because I had a sore back. I have a spinal deformity which has caused me a lot of trouble over the years. I have been to see countless doctors, at least 20 physios, a chiropractor, an osteopath, a podiatrist, a one on one pilates intstructor, etc. I can’t begin to tell you how much money I have wasted over the years and in most cases, the treatments actually made the pain worse. Very quickly I began to develop a deeper understanding of my own body and this is what really makes the difference. No amount of quick fixes will work – the pain will just keep resurfacing until you find a way to work it out. I think that what Aisha does is invaluable. I go to see her every week now. She is a true healer and someone who really pays attention to her clients which in turn encourages them to pay attention to their own bodies. She has a profound connection to the body and an inherent understanding of body work. She uses her intuition in her practice, which is not something that western medicine would even consider and it is simply amazing how often she gets it spot on. She is a lovely human being and I am blessed to have found her at this stage in my life. Over the past two years, her support has been invaluable. SM female aged 31

I arrived at my first Shiatsu appointment at a complete crisis point in my life. I had an impending marriage and a stressful relationship. I was full of fear, stress and a feeling an impending doom. I was petrified. My personal life was so stressful that my health was suffering, and I couldn’t figure out what to do with my life. I really needed help. Over a period of many weeks, Aisha helped ground and help me calm the turmoil of thoughts in my head. Slowly and steadily, the shiatsu and Aisha’s amazing intuitive healing helped me clear the fog of indecision. Finally, I was able to make my decision and move forward. I truly believe that without Aisha’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to get through this period of my life. I wouldn’t have had the strength to act on what my heart really wanted. She was able to help me heal and give me the strength I needed. This has been the most stressful period of my life, but at the same time I am stronger and happier for the outcome. I unconditionally recommend Aisha for her amazing abilities”. YB female aged 31

“I crafted my own boat
and asked you to be my first mate
for a 6 week sail
on the river of my life.
You knew the river would lead to the ocean.

There was no map
Your experience recognized places I stopped and
as my mind tried to grasp the moving water.

This part of my journey is memorable, Aisha.
face to face with you
and my laugher, tears, fears and desire,
my life.

You gave me exactly the guiding wind I needed to sail further
with more confidence in my belly
to read the compass of my womb.

I found and nourished a trust and playfulness through our time together
learning the direction is always down
when the winds of change arrive.
always being lead deeper
into own my light and dark,
my own life.

all poetry/prose aside,
Aisha met me face to face for 6 weeks,
via skype
witnessing, reflecting, guiding me ever so simply and potently.
The veil lifts in her care full spirited company.

Thank you, Sister.” B.H Virginia USA

“Your body work is truly transformational. In each of my sessions with you you met me EXACTLY where I needed to be met. Whether that was supporting change through creating calm, or working deeply to unblock physical flow.Your connection to the body, and knowing just how to work to allow strength to emerge or hardness to soften has really been life changing for me.How do I write from the heart words to convey what working with Aisha has been like for me? The universe guided me towards working with her at the perfect point in my unfolding.
I have been going through a deep process of change, one in which I have felt very lost and confused in at times over the past months. Talking with Aisha on skype has helped me make sense of this process. Although it’s not so much making sense as allowing and connecting to a deeper truth inside myself. Aisha’s wise words come from a place of compasionate understanding and experience. Through talking to her I have realised that this is a process that I am not alone in, and is one that is just that, a process. Her experience of working with this place of transformation, allowed me to feel so perfectly held and understood that I am able to perfectly hold and understand myself (even within all the upheaval and changes that are continuing to pass through me) Aisha’s work is unlike any other. She has provided and met my needs perfectly, supporting me to become much more fully myself. And I say this equally for all the sessions I have had with her be that receiving reflexology, shiatsu, doing Unveiling Lilith sessions or talking on Skype. Aisha, thank you for your guidance over this past year. With your presence, love and witnessing, the journey has been easier to trust and to open into with faith. Thank you.” N.J. Scotland