Of course I never left you,
my darling.
That was only a dream you were having.

You know me like the back of your own hand.
see me.
I am everywhere around you.
You can trust this.
I am the blue moths
of your fears.
I am the one you are breathing,
who breathes you.
I went underground,
It was to hold your hand,
through the labyrinths of illusion.

I took off all my clothing for you,
so you would awaken.
Do you remember
the days when
we set our intention?
When I gave birth to you
into a lotus flower?
When I poured lava
from my open palms
and made landscapes?

I am still burning.

And now,
here we are
Directing intention
changing and charging
molecular and sub atomic activity.


Isn’t it wonderful…

By Aisha Wolfe.