Beloved Struggle

You struggle because there is a pay off.
You struggle with struggle because
when you’re not in struggle,
what is there?

When you don’t know what is there.
Then you don’t know who you are.
When you don’t know who you are.
You won’t know how to live.

There is a way to live in the state of unknown.
It is to flow.

You don’t need to know.
To flow.
You don’t need to learn to let go.
To flow.

Letting go is a natural happening,
When you stop avoiding,
Whatever it is you fear the most.

What you fear the most is waiting for you
In the direction you most resist going.


If you are miserable,
How miserable can you be?

If you are stuck,

How entangled can you get?
If you are alone,
How far down the secret ladder can you go?

Find out what you are miserable about.
And marry it.

Make love with it.
Day in, day out.

Until you no longer fear its tone.
Until you can no longer look into its face.

And not see Grace.

Aisha Wolfe