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Embodiment Sessions

We are born twice

Once from our womb mother
Then repeatedly to

A soul butterfly transformational cycle

A caterpillar eats as much as hundreds of times its weight in a day, until too bloated to continue

Just as we become become exhausted with serving the small selfs desires and the burden of unhealed personal history

The caterpillar hangs itself up, the skin hardens and a chrysalis forms
In the chrysalis, the body produces imaginal disks which the immune system attacks
But they reproduce faster and link up until eventually the caterpillar’s immune system fails from the stress and the old form is consumed

In the chrysalis state, we descend into an underworld of dismemberment
Perhaps catalysed by depression, illness or some kind of crisis
It feels like death and indeed is where we must sacrifice naivety for the possibility of initiation

The caterpillars imaginal disks become imaginal cells that create something new through the remains of the old life
When the butterfly first begins to emerge, the wings are soft and folded against its body
After a period of rest revitalising blood flows in as a result of the struggle of emergence

It is the caterpillars fate to never know the butterfly
It is the butterflies destiny to become strong through opposition to its own emergence
It is mine to midwife the breakdowns and breakthroughs of transformation, and pour inspiration from the muse’s well into your imaginal cells through bodywork, online sessions and inspirational poetry.

Emergence is what is gifted back
When we have given
Ourselves away

I am Currently offering sessions in Edinburgh, Brighton or Goa, India a few weeks in winter. If you live outwith these areas I am happy to journey with you via Skype and in February 2018 will open places for lunar cycle online journeys.

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