Session Work and Inspirational Poetry by Aisha Wolfe


What if we approach this life as a cauldron of transformation where we are born in order to be changed?

Where our experiences and responses are the process of disintegrating the unconscious self created by conditioning, beliefs and inherited patterning so that something new and authentic might awaken?

We are born to learn how to die, many times over until our breakdowns become breakthroughs.

Arising from 20 years experience and explorations of soulful, spiritual practices and the healing arts; I offer accompaniment for transformation.

I work with individuals, couples or groups who need support with transitions, endings, new beginnings, illness, stuckness and associated symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

A recent development is offering accompaniment for those facing death, who wish to engage in a holistic way.

This is a hands on approach to self development, spirituality and healing.

Changing emergency into emergence.

I am Currently offering sessions in Edinburgh and Brighton or Goa, India in winter. If you live outwith these areas I am happy to journey with you via Skype.

You can follow my writing on Facebook by clicking on the link below. My first poetry collection Yoni verse Burlesque can be ordered here (see the top menu bar) my second book ‘Emerging Now – Transformational Reflections’ is in production.

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