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I offer a holistic process which can be used for healing and embodiment, Providing step by step accompaniment and hands on Bodywork to awaken the innate wisdom of the body-mind while releasing distorted energy, repressed emotions, memory or trauma held as tension and armouring.

With sensitivity and patience we become conscious of the energy body in a way that is gradual and integrated. Opening a clearer channel  of connection between inner and outer worlds and learning to take responsibility for our own wellbeing, rather than seeking external validation, diagnosis or prognosis.

A typical example is one where a “bad back” slowly reveals deeper often unconscious needs or experiences which have become concretised into a somatic alarm bell which we can respond to and gradually quieten through the power of attention and self care.

Profound shifts are also possible in how we relate to stress, depression and anxiety, in a culture which promotes only the up sides of life and offers no genuine guidance for the darker periods. Yet like seeds, we cannot grow to maturity without the pressure and breakdowns that must be endured to ripen into full potential.

In 20+ years experience of ‘Body in Soul’ work I have learned that becoming centred and grounded requires regularly returning awareness to the life flowing through and around us; a wilderness that can become intimately known and initiated by.

In healing, the body is reclaimed as ally, teacher, guide and oracle and symptoms become gateways to transformation.

A session lasts 90 mins – 2 hours and includes bodywork (Shiatsu, Massage, Hot Stone Shiatsu, Reflexology, Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation) with practice techniques, 5 Element theory for personal development, feeling based explorations and dialogue.

Experience weekly for a period of time at appropriate intervals depending on your situation, or continue as a regular part of your life.

The journey is personally tailored to your requirements and priced accordingly by means, frequency and duration.

I am Currently offering sessions in Edinburgh, Brighton or Goa, India a few months in winter. If you live outwith these areas I am able to journey with you online.

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